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Discover How Ellen DeGeneres was Able to Stop Smoking for Good

June 09, 20192 min read

Ellen DeGeneres Quit Smoking With Hypnosis: Here’s How She Did It

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her talk show, her humor, and her philanthropy, but she’s also known for her struggle with smoking. The comedian had tried numerous times to quit, but nothing seemed to work. That’s until she found the solution in hypnosis. In 2006, DeGeneres shared her journey to quitting smoking on her talk show, and it involved British hypnotist Paul McKenna.

DeGeneres brought McKenna onto her show to show the audience how she tackled her desire to quit smoking via hypnosis. She shared her struggles with smoking since she was a teenager, and how embarrassed she felt to admit it to the public. McKenna then explained that their hypnosis session aimed to reprogram her brain, and had her think of four moments in her life when she really wanted to quit smoking.

DeGeneres visualized chest pain, her mother, the feeling of nicotine as poison, and another incident where she experienced severe chest pain as her motivation to quit. McKenna then had DeGeneres think of a food she found disgusting. DeGeneres said she hated black licorice, so the hypnotist had her visualize taking a big bite of licorice mixed with other things she found disgusting and then taking a drag of a cigarette, while he anchored it touching her arm. Then he guided DeGeneres through a hypnosis session, where they counted backwards from 300 and he gave her many suggestions. “You’re a non-smoker,” McKenna said while DeGeneres closed her eyes. “You’ve quit smoking.”

The experience was an emotional one for DeGeneres, who started crying during the session. She later admitted that she didn’t want a cigarette, and her struggle with smoking was over. For many people, quitting smoking can be an arduous and challenging process, but hypnosis could be the key to success. Research has found that hypnosis can help smokers quit and remain abstinent.

In conclusion, Ellen DeGeneres’ journey to quit smoking is an inspiring story that shows how hypnosis can be a powerful tool for smokers looking to quit. Hypnosis can help smokers change their behaviors and thought patterns, which could lead to long-term success. If you’re a smoker who’s struggling to quit, consider trying hypnosis and see if it can help you quit for good.

The Benefits of Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

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